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Abemi Laoteenused Ltd., 100% Estonian capital based company, started its economic activity in October 2004. In 2006 the company purchased a real estate located in Maardu, at Paemurru Str 6A and continued to offer warehouse services to the customers of Abemi Ltd. that had operated at the same address earlier.

According to the decision of 25th of May 2006 by Põhja Tax and Customs Centre of Estonian Tax and Customs Board, bonded warehouse licence No AT/0120/EE100EE and customs terminal licence No YT/0114/EE100EE was issued to Abemi Laoteenused Ltd.

The company possesses 16350 m² warehouse service space consisting of 12000 m² of outdoor area and 4350 m² of warehouse space. The inner warehouse space consists of 6 warehouses, 5 of which have been renovated in 2002-2005; one warehouse is completely new; 1100 m² of new warehouse space was erected in 2004.

There are 2 railroad branch lines entering the company’s territory, with total length of 1486 metres. In order to accept railroad cars, the company has two bridge cranes with lifting capacity of 10 and 20 tons.

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